Unburdening households?

Say whaaaaat?

The Vault.House enables you to maintain all plans, invoices, warrantee documents, device manuals, maintenance history and contracts in one place.

It enables you to share all the needed (but nothing more than that!) information with third parties.

Moreover, it is able to look for savings, without it even costing something for you!

More time for my friends and family? Yes please!

We all work hard and weekend time is precious. Don't waste it on your housing administration and let The Vault.House to the work for you.

Spending hours looking for missing documents?

The Vault.House will do it for you!

Always forgetting about those periodic maintenances? Ask for quotes and possible dates?


The Vault.House will do it for you!

Selling or renting out your house? What documents should you transfer or keep?

No worries!

The Vault.House will do it for you!

Changing insurance rates, subsidy rules or energy prices. Nobody has time to check all that on a regular basis.

The Vault.House will do it for you!

No more document mess

Carefree maintenance scheduling

Easy & secure document transfer

The best rates, always

We value your feedback. That is why beta users will get a lifetime free usage of The Vault.House. Also of the premium functionalities.


Looking at our pricing, you may wonder how we will make money? Some of the additional features which will come over the next months will be offered by some of our partners. Based on your anonymized data, they will be able to offer you favorable quotes and paying us a small commission fee. Everybody wins!

Plans and pricing


Standard functionalities to maintain your housing documents, and get offers for the best deals applicable for you.


Extended functionalities for managing multiple properties, including the possibility to disable deals proposals.

The Vault.House is growing and continuously looking for talent to join us!

If you are a hypermotivated, tech and housing fanatic, leave your details and we'll have a coffee!

Work work work

Having a great idea for a new functionality?

Or simply having a question?

Get in touch via wdyt@vault.house.


The Vault.House is currently in beta release. We are working hard to release additional cool features as soon as possible. Leave your contact details in order to keep you posted!

Excited to know more?

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